I thank each of the following respondents to my informational survey, regardless of whether or not they then wished to be quoted within this book. Their data has been most helpful to me as a colleague and is indicative in a small way of the tremendous generosity of contributions that they have made on a daily basis to their students. I am especially grateful to those persons among them who then granted me permission to quote their survey responses within and have thus become my research participants (indicated with an asterisk). Schools are noted as at the time the individuals were surveyed:

Chris DeMarco, Cuyahoga Falls High School (Ohio)

Michael S. Kern, Rockhurst High School (Missouri)

Bart Marantz*, Booker T. Washington High School for The Performing and Visual Arts (TX)

Duane Peiffer, Woodstock High School (Illinois)

Jeff Phillips*, Hendersonville High School (Tennessee)

Philip G. Simon*, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia)

Bob Sinicrope*, Milton Academy (Massachusetts)

Janis Stockhouse, Bloomington High School North (Indiana)

Erick Storckman, Hackley School (New York)

Bryan Stovell*, Dover Bay Secondary School (Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada)

Jeff Waggoner*, Hinsdale Central High School (Illinois)

Sparky Koerner*, College of the Mainland (Texas)

Don Erjavec, Cerritos College (California)

Andrew Hoefle*, Highland Community College (Illinois)

Tom Hynes*, Citrus College (California)

Eric Late*, San Jacinto College (Texas)

Bryce Luty*, Hutchinson Community College (Kansas)

Doug Reid*, Shoreline Community College (Washington)

Paul Evoskevich*, The College of Saint Rose (New York)

Mark French*, Berklee College of Music (Massachusetts)

Jamey Aebersold*, University of Louisville (Kentucky)

Lee Bash*, Benedictine University (Illinois)

Jamie Begian*, Western State Connecticut University (Connecticut)

Darius Brubeck*, University of Natal (now of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

Steve Call*, Brigham Young University (Utah)

Christopher Collins, Wayne State University (Michigan)

Rick Condit*, McNeese State University (Louisiana)

Patrick Crichton, Western Australian Institute of Music (Perth, Western Australia)

John Davis*, University of Colorado–Boulder (Colorado)

Orbert Davis*, Columbia College (Illinois)

Patrick Dorian*, East Stroudsburg University (Pennsylvania)

George “Skip” Gailes*, Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia)

Antonio García*, Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia)

Pat Harbison*, Indiana University (Indiana)

Bob Lark*, DePaul University (Illinois)

Karel A. Lidral*, University of Maine (Maine)

Dan Murphy*, University of Redlands (California)

Scott Reeves*, University of Southern Maine (Maine)

Joe Riposo*, Syracuse University (New York)

Ellen Rowe*, University of Michigan (Michigan)

Michael Scott*, Concordia University (Minnesota)

Michael Tracy*, University of Louisville (Kentucky)

Charles D. Tumlinson*, California State University Fullerton (California)

Chris Vadala*, University of Maryland (Maryland)

Pete Vivona*, Northern Arizona University (Arizona)

Bob Washut*, University of Northern Iowa (Iowa)

My added thanks go to Profs. Pat Crichton and Pat Harbison (for their most vocal support of this project) and to Prof. Charles Tumlinson (for providing many of the literary references found in the appendices). Thanks also to the Curriculum Committee of the International Association for Jazz Education for its inspiration during that period, to my jazz colleagues who partnered with me in educational efforts at Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, and Virginia Commonwealth University, to then-NU graduate assistant John Perrine (now Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Cleveland State University) for compiling statistics summarizing the initial survey responses, and to my former VCU colleague Prof. Skip Gailes for reading the document pre-publication and offering superb suggestions. For the initial stimulus that had sparked a steep increase in my curiosity regarding this topic already of longtime interest, I thank Dr. Michele Kaschub, now Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Teacher Education at the University of Southern Maine School of Music, who in 1996 wrote a pertinent editorial while serving as a teaching assistant within my Integrated Arts course for general campus students at Northwestern.

I am especially grateful to my friend and colleague Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser for his enthusiastic support and kind Foreword, as well as to Jamey Aebersold for his constant support of the concept of this book but also for his continual leadership in making jazz-educational materials available throughout the world. My enthusiastic gratitude goes to Garwood Whaley, the President and Founder of Meredith Music Publications, for believing in this project and making the publication of this book a reality.

I thank my wife, Mary, for her continued love, support, and inspiration. Mary instantly made my life wonderful. I love you, beautiful! And to Kate, my terrific stepdaughter: I love you, too! Thanks for being you!

This book is dedicated to all my mentors: past, present, and future. This research is a project of 20 years; but it will never really end—just like the learning of the music itself.

—Antonio J. García

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